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Tamiya 71122 Robocraft Kit: 4-Leg Wiking Robot w/Wind-Up Generator

Tamiya 71122 Robocraft Kit: 4-Leg Wiking Robot w/Wind-Up Generator

This wind-up generator set allows you to create electricity to power your 4-legged walking robot. You create your own hydro-electricity by turning the generator's handle which puts the electricity producing motor into action. Through this simple action you create ample electricity to power your robot, therefore no batteries are required! This 4-legged walking robot has L-shaped legs that provides adequate balance, and a tail and eyes that move when walking. In addition to the easy assembling, the generator unit and the robot can be securely attached with connectors.

The generator unit has a gear ratio of 38.2:1. Robot walking speed is determined by winding speed. Generator produces approximately 2.5V (no load).

The robot walks well on its front L-shaped legs and rear legs. Also, as the body leans when walking, this makes the robot's long eyes move left and right.

When walking, the robot's spring tail moves making for a fun action. The installing and uninstalling of the robot to generator connector is very simple.

Forwards and reverse walking actions are controlled by which direction the generator's handle is turned. With slow turning your robot moves slowly, fast turning your robot races.

The speed of your robot corresponds to the speed which you turn the generator's handle. Having races with other hydro-powered robots is fun!

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