Our Story

Once there was a young teenage kid who loved all things hobby related, specifically R/C cars, trains, and building models. When some local hobby shops opened indoor R/C tracks, he began racing. After a while, he witnessed these shops fall apart, then close, leaving the hobby, racing specifically, community with few places to go. After watching this happen multiple times, he thought he figured out how to make a better hobby shop. But life, as it many times does, led him along several different paths. However, his dream to have his own hobby shop never left him. After marrying his life partner, they decided to begin the process of making his dream a reality.


ACS Hobbies began like so many family-owned small businesses: SMALL! The initial focus was on the area most hobby shops ignore: R/C racing. As a mobile shop, they provided parts and kits for racing participants, and even helped run several tracks. But a problem was arising: they were getting too big! A tiny corner at a track and their parts trailer wasn't enough for all the parts and equipment that customers were demanding. So in 2019, they were able to acquire a brick-and-mortar site and opened that May.


But they didn't stop there. There was such a large demand for other hobby merchandise, they immediately expanded their offerings to include model kits, trains, airplanes, boats, and a plethora of hobby tools and supplies. But they never forgot their beginnings nor the racing community.


They are still the only hobby shop in Southwestern PA that caters to professional hobby enthusiasts, while maintaining a true old-school hobby shop atmosphere.



In 2023, ACS Hobbies realized that another expansion was necessary, due to the explosive demand locally for Anime model kits. This time, the expansion was both physical and digital. First, they moved to a new, much larger space, allowing the hobby shop to take a gander into the wonderful world of Tabletop Gaming! Second, an online store was launched at the end of the year to let modelling enthusiasts know what Model Kits and supplies are available, with the option to purchase online or in-store. The near future will see more hobby lines available for purchase online. Stay tuned to learn what else ACS Hobbies has up its sleeve!